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Old Route 8

Take the off-ramp and wander along the very river banks where bourbon whiskey first flowed. Old Route 8 invites you to slow down and explore. This exceptional 8-year, cask strength; single barrel bourbon has been crafted in the true Kentucky tradition and patiently matured to offer an elevated experience that can be enjoyed every day.

Like the thoroughfare it is named after, Old Route 8 connects bourbon’s past and present and invites you to join in the journey.


Graham crackers, vanilla, and salted caramel greet you as you approach, suggesting this is a true Kentucky Bourbon. These early notes give way to undertones of cedar and oak foreshadowing that this bourbon has come of age.


The hints of favor and complexity created upon nosing are reinforced on the palate. Flavors of brown sugar, vanilla, and a dash of oak are balanced and revealed in smooth, cascading layers that only time and great liquid can deliver.


Long, smooth, and lingering, the finish extends the joy of this pour, delivering a classic “Kentucky hug.” Oak, baking spices, with a touch of sweetness are reminders that this is a traditional straight Kentucky bourbon that deserves further exploration.


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